World-Class Safety and Security Programs

Sierra is committed to implementing first-rate safety and security programs on every project and every job site!


The primary objective of these programs is the protection of our associates and assets through the prevention of accidents and injuries. Sierra’s safety history and EMR of 0.88 demonstrates that we are committed to performing our duties under each contract with zero safety incidents, zero security incidents, and zero service interruptions. Our aim is to minimize risk while maximizing value for our clients.

We have three OSHA 500 Authorized Trainers on staff, and all of our Superintendents and Project Managers possess OSHA 30 certifications at a minimum. Additionally, all employees have undergone many hours of safety training in OSHA courses specific to the construction industry, including scaffolding and scissor lift training, in order to maintain the company’s excellent safety record and outstanding EMR of 0.88.

Our commitment to providing a superlative safety program extends to the qualification process for all tradesmen on our team. Workplace safety and health orientation begin on the first day of initial employment or job transfer. Each associate, whether employee or subcontractor, has access to a copy of the Sierra safety manual, through his or her supervisor, for review and future reference and is given a personal copy of the safety rules, policies, and job-specific procedures described in our workplace safety program manual. All employees are instructed by their supervisors that compliance with the safety rules described in the workplace safety manual is a condition of employment and required at all times.

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